College Bacon

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no art classes = creating a tumblr

I needed some way to get away from the college experience that's going oh so interestingly for me. I was hoping there'd be some kind of free-draw-creative-art-kinda-club/group/class that I could take for fun. But there isn't unless I want to get seriously graded on it...which I don't.

Therefore, tumblr it is. This isn't about art though. There's nothing really specific about this tumblr/blog at all. It's more just me having an outlet away from the fun stressful time that is my college experience.

oh and disclaimer: I don't own pictures and videos I blog...unless I took pictures myself which is rare, so just saying lol

That is what So You Think You Can Dance has taught me, and it’s not a sad truth, devastating songs just make the most beautiful stories through dance. Also…I’ve been watching a lot of old auditions on youtube hahaha

So, this is my third time in this building and my second time as a RA here and for the past two months, I’ve been putting on this front about how I felt nothing and it didn’t affect me that it was all about to be over. But really, every time I said it didn’t matter or that I was fine or there was nothing significant about being here, I was really just protecting myself from getting to attached so I could avoid the emotions that come with it when it’s time to say goodbye. Because honestly, this place means a lot to me. It’s been a roller coster and I have changed and grown so much in this building. What makes it harder to say goodbye is that I’m extremely scared actually. I don’t like change and actually afraid because next year is my last year and I have no idea how it’s going to go. I’m not good with the unknown and I’m horrible at transitions so it’s terrifying for me to think about. Me leaving this building means I’m going to have the face the last chapter in this journey that’s gone from absolutley terrible four years ago to absolutely amazing. And not only will I have to say goodbye to this building, I’ll have to say goodbye to this college life that I’ve grown to love and mature with.

I sat here and cried with my friend who was a part of my journey here and he brought up something that made me feel better. He said that a lot of people look really happy in their graduation pictures, ready to face the rest of their lives but we’re sad and don’t want to leave. That’s because we had a great experience and built strong memories and that means that it was an experience worth having. When something is hard to let go of or is something to cry over, it means that the experience was great. I can’t live in the past either but crying is okay. And I’m glad I got all these feelings out finally and stopped being numb to it all.

So, I’m scared and terrified that I’m about to face the last chapter of my college/undergrad experience. But, I’m so glad that it’s something worth being sad about because I had a great experience. 

One more year to go…