College Bacon

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no art classes = creating a tumblr

I needed some way to get away from the college experience that's going oh so interestingly for me. I was hoping there'd be some kind of free-draw-creative-art-kinda-club/group/class that I could take for fun. But there isn't unless I want to get seriously graded on it...which I don't.

Therefore, tumblr it is. This isn't about art though. There's nothing really specific about this tumblr/blog at all. It's more just me having an outlet away from the fun stressful time that is my college experience.

oh and disclaimer: I don't own pictures and videos I blog...unless I took pictures myself which is rare, so just saying lol


"Can we just pretend that you didn’t see it"


"Can I just give you my ID? My friend is on probation and they can’t be busted again"


"Are we allowed to keep the un-opened ones?"


"Is it ok if I just tell you my name and don’t get my ID"


"Can I keep this bottle? It was a birthday present."


"Can I just show you my facebook and count that as an ID"


Basically, my weekend. 

Man and I thought my crazy periods were an issue, it would be a whole other situation if I couldn’t even get pads. This was a good article.